Samstag, Januar 09, 2016

Hello, hey and hi

Hello loves,

how are you all ? I hope you all had an amazing week so far. As you all know, this was my first week as an exchange Student in England. To be honest this week was better than I thought ít would be.
It's really nice here, but even though my emotions are going crazy
One minute I'm incredible happy, one minute later I feel totally frustrated and sad.
But luckely I'm not the only one who feels like that. A lot of people who did an exchange year, told me that this is something the most People struggel with. So as you can see : I'm not a freak. It's all normal haha.

My british school is really nice too. The only thing that drives me a little crazy is the fact that we have to wear school uniforms. Okay wearing a school uniform is a good thing, but it's so boring to wear the same clothes every single day. But on the other hand I don't need to stress out about what to wear in school. So that's great. I'm also quiet lucky because our school uniform is actually really cute, so I have no reasons to say anything bad about it. It could be worse.

I'm trying to post pictures of me wearing a school uniform as soon as possible, so you can tell me what you think about it.
Today I just have some pictures of Gloucester for you, which I took today.

Wish u all the best,
xoxo Lou

Gloucester Gloucester Gloucester Gloucester Gloucester


  1. Ich platze fast vor Neid! Ich wäre so gerne noch einmal auf einem Austausch. Genieße Jeden Tag! Ich bin vor fast 2 Jahren nach Neuseeland geflogen und vermisse es immer noch so sehr.. Für mich war die erste Woche auch schwer, aber irgendwann gewöhnt man sich an alles! Ich habe die Schuluniform übrigens immer geliebt :D Liebe Grüße, Viki <3

  2. Ich wünsche dir noch eine aufregende Zeit, wird bestimmt toll.:)

    Liebe Grüße, Pauline von

  3. Sieht echt super süß dort aus :) Ich hoffe du berichtest ganz viel von dort.
    Viele Grüße LiFe


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